Policies & Procedures

  1. I ask that you send me design input before our start date.  What usually works best is to send me other blogs or websites with designs you like and tell me what it is you like about them.  Also, any colors you have in mind, specific fonts or types of fonts you are thinking (ex: handwritten fonts), certain patterns or textures, etc.  You can also send me inspiration photos or a pinterest board.  The more input, the better.

  2. I take this information and create a design (usually with several variations) and send it to you within a week of your start date, usually sooner.
  3. You then send me your revisions to the design or if you don't like it at all, I will create something different.  You have three rounds of revisions. After that, I charge $25 per revision.
  4. With the final design now decided on, I create a live mock-up of the blog on Blogger, so you can see exactly what it will look like on screen.  You can make small tweaks/changes to the design at this stage within reason, but nothing major as that is to be done in the previous stage.
  5. Once we have approval, it is time to install.  I will need your Blogger log-in and password.

  • The $100 deposit to secure the start date for your blog design is non-refundable.

  • I can not ensure that the design will render correctly as is on Internet Explorer 7 or the Windows Vista version of Internet Explorer 8.  These older versions are not up to date with current programming and design options.